VII. Materials Science Competition


We are announcing a competition for teams of 2-3 people. The competition consists of 2 rounds and is conducted in Hungarian. We welcome applications from teams representing any university in Hungary. While an unlimited number of teams can participate from a single institution, each individual can only be a member of one team, and all team members must be students of the same institution. Although we primarily recommend our competition to mechanical engineering students, we gladly accept registrations from anyone interested in materials science!

1st round: Materials Science Quiz (online), submission deadline: June 14, 2024. The top 4 teams with the highest scores will be invited to the finals.

2nd round: Materials Science Competition (in-person), date: June 28, 2024, location: Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

For further information or any questions, feel free to contact us at:

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Trumpf Hungary Kft.
Pulzor Kft.
IPG Photonics
AFT-Hungary Kft.
REHAU-Automotive Kft.
MVM Zrt.